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Hunter Rack alignment machine, tire changer and wheel balancer combination Hunter Alignment, Tire Changers, and Wheel Balancers available new and used. See all available models at www.hunter.com. Tool & Equipment Solutions carries the full line of Hunter Automotive Equipment including used Hunter equipment in stock. Call for details.

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Hunter Alignment Systems

Wheel alignment, steering, and suspesion service will make you a profit, and Hunter is the best in the world. Tool & Equipment Solutions can supply new and used Hunter Alignment equipment at affordable prices. New Hunter Alignment Machines from $250 per month. Used Hunter Alignment Machines for even less.

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  • Hawkeye Elite: Industry standard and our best selling aligner
  • PROALIGN Pronto: Great economical aligner with Hunter quality
  • Presto: Space saving alignment solution
  • Used Alignment Equipment: Call for an updated stock.

Watch the Hawkeye Elite video

Hunter Tire Changers

Hunter Tire Changers are the market leader in OEM Car Dealership. Tool & Equipment Solutions carries the full line of Hunter Tire Changers including the Revolution, Auto34S, TC, and TCX Series.

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  • Revolution: Fully automatic process for all tire and wheel combinations
  • AUTO34S System: Change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels
  • TC Series: TC3900, TC3700 and TC3300 center clamp tire changers allow for fast simple clamping that doesn’t damage rims

Watch a direct comparison of Hunter and Coats Tire Changers

Hunter Wheel Balancers

Hunter Wheel Balancers diagnose and optimally solve wheel vibration issues. OEM Dealerships and Tire & Wheel Service Ships can rely on Hunter Engineering quality. Tool & Equipment Solutions carries of full line of Hunter Wheel Balancers including the Road Force Touch, Smart Weight, QuickMatch, DSP9200, and DSP7705.

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  • Road Force Elite: Detect and fix wheel vibrations that traditional wheel balancers can’t fix
  • SmartWeight Touch: Fastest floor-to-floor balancer. SmartWeight technology eliminates weight chasing
  • DSP Series: DSP9200 and DSP7705 are accurate and economical balancers with centering check and automatic data arms

Hunter Inspection Lanes

Hunter Quick Check Inspection Systems perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection in less than two minutes. Quick Check allows shops to check every car, increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

Benefits include:

  • Wheel alignment check
  • Tire tread depth meansurement
  • Tire pressure
  • Battery health
  • Diagnostic check
  • Stopping test for each wheel
  • Customizable printed results

Watch a quick check vehicle inspection