Tool & Equipment Solutions is a full spectrum automotive repair equipment provider supporting all needs of dealership and repair facilities in Greater Philadelphia. We provide service to back up our sales. Installation and service done by Tool & Equipment Solutions no subcontracting. View the entire line of equipment at

Tool & Equipment Solutions provides automotive repair equipment for the lowest prices and with the highest quality service in Greater Philadelphia. We source our equipment and parts direct from manufacturers and employ factory trained service technicians.

Lowest prices of any distributor! We will beat anybody.

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Automotive Lifts

Sales, installation, and service on the highest quaility lifts in Greater Philadelphia. We are proud to be direct distributors for Rotary, and Forward. We carry variations of car and truck lifts including 2-post, 4-post, inground, alignment, storage, and heavy duty lifts.

Our warehouse stocks new and used lifts ready for install.

Wheel Alignment

Best prices in Greater Philadelphia on Hunter new and used Alignment Equipment.

Tire Changers

Full range of tire changers from Hunter and Mondolfo Ferro including center hold down, tilt tower, and swing arm tire machines. We offer specialized machines for speed and efficiency as well as low profile tires, truck tires, aluminum rims, and more.

Tire changer parts and service available for all makes and models.

Wheel Balancers

Full range of wheel balancers from Hunter and Mondolfo Ferro including truck capable, road force, and smart weight balancers.

Wheel balancer parts and service available for all makes and models.

Lubrication and Waste Systems

Tool & Equipment Solutions handles all lubrication and waste oil needs as a direct distributor for Balcrank. We offer highest quality new lubrication system design and service for existing systems including oil tanks, oil pumps, oil bars, oil reels, oil handles, and fluid inventory control (FIC) systems for fresh oil and window wash as well as waste oil tanks, bins, and pumps for waste oil and anti-freeze.

Custom lubrication systems designed for new and existing shops.

Air Compressors and Air Systems

Sales, parts, and service for all types and sizes of automotive shop compressors. Tool & Equipment Solutions is a direct distributor for Champion Air Compressors specializing in reciprocating, rotary vane, and rotary screw compressors including duplex compressors.

Full air systems including dryers, piping, flow control, regulators, air reels, and more.

Custom compressed air systems designed for new and existing shops.


Installation and service for automotive exhaust. Tool & Equipment Solutions is a direct distributor for Ascent Systems specializing in telescoping exhaust drops, movable drop rail exhaust systems, exhaust blowers, and custom exhaust systems.

Custom automotive exhaust systems designed for new and existing shops.

Parts Storage and Work Benches

Installation and service for parts room shelving and custom automotive shop work benches.

Shop Equipment

Call Tool & Equipment Solutions for all your shop equipment needs. We have sources on everything a repair facility needs. Presses, vices, strut compressors, chain hoists, drill presses, engine cranes, parts washers, jacks, A/C machines, and more.